The 2021 GMC Yukon: Unrivaled, Enhanced Safety Features

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The Yukon Takes All Roads To Adventure Safely
Whether you’re driving the kids to soccer practice or you have a cross-country vacation planned, getting back home safely is always the ultimate goal. The 2021 GMC Yukon enhanced safety features to help you do just that. Surrounded by amazing technology, you can feel confident knowing your vehicle assists you when you need it most. The Yukon is the epitome of luxury and rugged style; come see it for yourself by visiting Gainesville Buick GMC for a test drive today.

The Yukon Avoids Trouble Before It Has A Chance To Occur
Changing lanes on busy roads and highways is often necessary and sometimes dangerous. Accidents can be avoided with the available Lane Change Alert and Side Blind Zone Alert, which indicates on the side mirror if another vehicle is quickly approaching or already is in your blind spot. It can also be set to vibrate the driver’s seat on the left or the right when it is unsafe to change lanes.

Using ultrasonic sensors and radar, the standard Automatic Emergency Braking system detects pedestrians and vehicles in front of you when traveling less than 50 MPH. If a collision is likely, the system alerts you and applies the hard emergency braking if you do not react in time.

360 Degrees Lets You See More Than Just The Road Ahead
Weather and lighting affect driving conditions, and that is why the 2021 GMC Yukon has standard LED fog lamps and IntelliBeam® Auto High Beam Control, which allows the LED headlights to automatically adjust when it may be difficult to see the road. When another car approaches, the system automatically turns the high beams off.

Danger can lurk in places besides the road up ahead. The Yukon has available High Definition Surround Vision which has nine camera views to observe what surrounds you while driving, idling, or maneuvering into a tight parking spot. The cameras combine the images to give you a bird’s eye image of the front when you are in drive or the rear when in reverse. A 360 Bowl View gives different angle images and perspectives of your car and its surroundings. You can even get a view of your hitch so you can be confident that your boat or trailer will also get there safely with you.

Accidents can happen in a split second when you take your eyes off the road, even just to look at your dashboard. The Head-Up Display projects the Driver Information Center on the windshield directly next to the steering wheel allowing you to keep your head up and avoid distractions within the vehicle.

Whether you need to haul people or cargo, backing out of a driveway or a space in a busy parking lot is much less dangerous with the available Rear Cross Traffic Alert which indicates if another vehicle from the right or left is approaching behind you. Two other standard features are the Following Distance Indicator™ and the Rear Park Assist which both aid in assessing how close you are to other vehicles so you can quickly and easily make adjustments on the highway or in a tight spot.

Tots And Teens Are Safer On The Road In A 2021 Yukon
The Lower Anchor and Tethers for Children (LATCH) system in the GMC Yukon gives peace of mind knowing that baby and booster seats are anchored from below as well as tethered from the top of the seat. This provides extra assurance and precaution that the little ones stay put in the event of an accident.

The Rear Seat Reminder is activated when the rear door is opened just before starting or while the vehicle is on. It is an indicator to remind drivers that something, such as a pet, groceries, or even a child, may have been put in the back seat area and to check it when exiting. This simple safety feature may prevent a tragedy.

And if you have a teenager behind the wheel, you might just reduce the amount of time spent worrying with the available Teen Driver system. It was specifically designed to encourage and provide practice of safe driving behaviors. Adult drivers can set numerous wise controls such as radio volume, speed limiter, and mandatory seat belt wearing. The “Teen Report Card” gives parents insight as to how safely and responsibly teens are driving even when you are not with them. You can be confident that your teen is following the rules of the road and getting reminders and assistance to become a safer driver. Also available is OnStar®, which includes Automatic Crash Response, Emergency Services, and Roadside Assistant which can respond immediately whenever you or your teen need help.

The Yukon Delivers All-Around Safety For You And Your Family
The 2021 GMC Yukon safety features are designed to keep you and your family secure as you explore the world together. If you are ready to buy a vehicle or just considering it, come and explore the high tech safety features of the GMC Yukon for sale at Gainesville Buick GMC. You can carefully review the vehicle and take a test drive. Keeping you safe while on or off the road is important to us, and that will be obvious when you experience the 2021 GMC Yukon for yourself.

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